pvOSPRay used within ParaView on TACC's Stampede supercomputer

What's New

pvOSPRay binaries released with ParaView 5.0RC1! You can download it from the main ParaView page. pvOSPRay Alpha 3 Released! pvOSPRay also now officially supports ParaView 4.4 from the master branch.

pvOSPRay Alpha 2 has been released! Get the latest version here. Read the release notes.

pvOSPRay now supports ParaView 4.3! Get the latest version here. ParaView 4.3 is now the default version supported on master. If you would like to build pvOSPRay for an older version of ParaView, please check for a branch for the particular version.

ParaView 4.3 binary with pvOSPRay support now available! Download the tarball from box.com.

What is pvOSPRay?

pvOSPRay is a module for the ParaView visualization toolkit (http://www.paraview.org/) that utilizes Intel's OSPRay ray tracing framework (http://ospray.github.io) for rendering. This offers a performant CPU rendering package with enhanced image quality.

pvOSPRay is developed by the Texas Advanced Computing Center at the University of Texas at Austin, in partnership with Intel Corporation.