What's New?

7 August 2015

GLuRay is in the news! Read the National Science Foundation feature story on ray tracing with GLuRay and GraviT at the NSF discoveries site.

What is GLuRay?

GLuRay is a rendering library that intercepts OpenGL calls from many common visualization applications and renders them with various ray tracer backends without modification to the underlying visualization tool (such as ParaView, VisIt, Ensight and VAPOR). Rendering polygonal models such as isosurfaces can be done identically to an OpenGL implementation using provided material and camera properties or superior rendering can be achieved using enhanced settings such as dielectric materials or pinhole cameras with depth of field effects. GLuRay has demonstrated that using OpenGL interception to accelerate and enhance visualization programs provides a viable enhancement to existing tools with little overhead and no code modification while allowing for the creation of publication quality renderings using advanced effects and greatly improved large-scale software rendering performance within commonly used tools.

GLuRay development is led by Carson Brownlee at the Texas Advanced Computing Center at the University of Texas at Austin, and previously at the University of Utah.